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Amer Clsc Bobcut 45acp 8rd Chr

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A specially contoured frame heel makes the American Classic Bobcut easier and more comfortable to conceal. It also has plenty of add-ons found in higher priced guns such as a non-skid combat trigger, skeletal hammer, fully adjustable Novak-type rear sight, enhanced beavertail safety, and stippled front strap serration.

Features :
  • Fiber optic front sight for easy target acquisition
  • Flared and lowered ejection port to eliminate hangups
  • Lifetime service contract for original owner
  • Novak-type rear sight is fully-adjustable
  • Rear slide serration for a better grip
  • Skeletal combat hammer for sleek aesthetics
  • Skeletal combat trigger for sleek aesthetics
  • Standard slide stop for safety
  • Stippled front strap serration for grip enhancement