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Cimarron 1860 Army, Cim Ca041 1860 Army Cfs 8.00 .44

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Produced from 1860-1873, the army.44 caliber sixgun was produced in both military and civilian models, however the military version, with its 4-screw frame and cutout recoil shield to allow fitting an attachable shoulder stock, accounted for over half of the entire production of 1860s.Cimarron offers a detail perfect replica of the early 1860 military models with the brass backstrap and trigger guard.Combining much of the power of the earlier dragoons, but boasting improved ballistics, better balance and a lighter weight, streamlined styling of rounded contours and the older model's hinged loading lever was replaced with the improved, so-called "creeping" (rack and pinion-style) lever.

Frame Description: Steel Frame
Action: SAO
Caliber: .44 Cal
Barrel Length: 8"
Capacity: 6
Hammer Style: Exposed
Grips: Smooth Walnut
Sights: Fixed Brass Front/Rear Notch
Weight: 2.11 lbs
Cylinder Finish: Blued Engraved/Fluted
Barrel Finish: Blued
Oal: 13.70"
Barrel Length Range: 8" to 8.99"
Weight Range: 2 lbs to 2.99 lbs