1. Cimarron Rooster Shooter 4.75" 45lc
Cimarron Rooster Shooter 4.75
Cimarron Rooster Shooter 4.75' 45lc

Cimarron Rooster Shooter 4.75" 45lc

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Arguably the most recognizable sixgun in western movie history, Cimarron Fire Arms went to great lengths to reproduce John Waynes famous sidearm, used in so many of his trail dust sagas. Copied in every detail from Dukes own Colt, this isnt no gussied up six-shooter wearing a fancy finish, with engraving and pictures plastered all over it, rather it boasts of a trail worn, plain finish, with the bluing worn completely off, just like the gun JW packed when taming the silver screen.

Features :
  • 1 Piece Orange Finger Grooved Grips
  • .45 Colt
  • Trail Worn Finish