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Dbf Db15 5.56 16
Dbf Db15 5.56 16' Mlok 30rd Ati Blk

Dbf Db15 5.56 16" Mlok 30rd Ati Blk

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Diamondback Firearms is proud to announce its NEW line of DB15 rifles made entirely in the USA! Starting with the tried-and-true, U.S. Military-proven gas-impingement system and using only the highest quality components machined in Diamondbacks CNC facility. The DB15 raises the bar when it comes to features and performance when compared to others. The Diamondback DB15 represents value and versatility at a very affordable price.

Features :
  • 9.5” MLOK Rail
  • A2 Flash Hider
  • Carbine Length Gas System
  • Stainless Barrel