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De 1911 45acp 3
De 1911 45acp 3' Sts As

De 1911 45acp 3" Sts As

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All Desert Eagle 1911 series 70 slide and frame rails are machined to aerospace tolerances, delivering accuracy that will match any custom gun. Offered in both Chrome Moly and Stainless and feature stainless match barrels, G-10 grips, light triggers with zero creep, and a stainless beavertail grip safety. The G (5" barrel) and C (4.33" barrel) models are equipped with fixed combat sights and the Undercover ,U, (3" barrel) models come with an adjustable rear sight. Desert Eagle 1911s chambered in 45 ACP all have a traditional feed ramp machined into the frame, while all 9mm pistols have a ramped barrel with fully supported chamber. Only the 1911G models have a traditional barrel bushing in the slide. The 1911C and U models feature a bushingless slide and bull barrel. With the shorter slides of the C and U models, the bushingless slide allows for a longer recoil spring and ensures reliable function. Includes two 6-round magazines.

Features :
  • Matte stainless finish
  • Extended magazine release
  • Bushingless barrel
  • Single action
  • Adjustable rear, white dot front sights
  • Extended thumb safety