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Dead Air Nomad-lt Ti Blk

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Your Price: $1,099.00
Part Number: DAANOMAD-LT
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When supreme silence is the goal and you must reach it with as little weight possible, the Nomad-LT is the answer. Effectively suppressing .300 Blackout is childs play. But when you step up to high-pressure cartridges you need to bring your A-Game. Thats where the Nomad-LT shines. The Nomad-LT still delivers class-leading performance in lower pressure calibers, but the performance undoubtedly reigns supreme when used with higher pressure calibers. At only 12.6 ounces the Nomad-LT still remains agile enough for multiple platforms and hosts.The Nomad-LT is made with Grade 5 titanium. Like the Nomad-L, it features an improved high-efficiency baffle design with industry-leading sound reduction at the muzzle and minimal first round pop. It ships in its direct-thread configuration with 5/8-24 threads.The Nomad series bring plenty of versatility. Direct thread, KeyMo, Xeno, as well as third party solutions ensure you have options.

Features :
  • RATING: Up to .300 Norma Mag
  • ,LENGTH: 8.39""
  • WEIGHT. 12.6 oz.
  • "DIAMETER:1.735";"FINISH:High temp black Cerakote or raw bead-blasted,
  • MOUNT: 5/8x24 thread pitch