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Desantis Apache Sm Frm Rev Rh Blk
Desantis Apache Sm Frm Rev Rh Blk

Desantis Apache Sm Frm Rev Rh Blk

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The Apaches(R) wide, elasticized leg band largely eliminates the unwanted rocking motion commonly associated with ankle holsters. The Apache(R) is made for small, medium and large frame semi-autos and small frame revolvers. All semi-auto models feature an adjustable Velcro(R) thumb break. Revolver and .32cal holsters feature an adjustable thumb strap (without snap, Velcro(R) closure). Designs may vary. Available in black. Semi-auto and revolver holster models are constructed with elastic and have a sheepskin lining with a snap thumb break. The .32cal holster models are constructed of neoprene and feature a Velcro(R) thumb break. Optional C14 strap accommodates semi-auto and revolver holster models only. ** This holster is to be worn on the inside of your ankle opposite to which hand you will draw your firearm with. A right-handed shooter will order a right-handed holster and it will attach to the inside of your left ankle. **

Features :
  • Elastic Ankle Holster
  • Many sizes accommodate a wide range of firearms
  • Sheepskin lining
  • Features a spot for an optional calf strap for support