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Fortis Night Rail 556 12
Fortis Night Rail 556 12' Mlok Blk

Fortis Night Rail 556 12" Mlok Blk

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Part Number: FORTNTR-12-MLOK
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Fortis Manufacturings AR-15 556MM 12" M-Lok Night Rail Free Float System Handguard was designed to be easy to install and also to be able to mount with a full 360 degrees of contact. Their new patent pending, two-piece barrel nut is one of a kind. They developed it from the ground up and the machining time it takes to make the barrel nut, rivals the time making the actual rail. Thats not to say the rail is simple to make. One look and youll see that they really took time with this in design and development. What they ended up with is a rail that not only looks amazing, but is still true to their lightweight brand. The barrel nut/mounting system keeps the rail performing even during the harshest of conditions.

Features :
  • ,Proprietary, patent pending 2 piece barrel nut that provides 360 degree contact,
  • Free float rail design
  • M-LOK attachment points
  • "12.875" length,