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Griffin M4sd Flash Compensator
Griffin M4sd Flash Compensator

Griffin M4sd Flash Compensator

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The M4SD Flash Comp optimally combines the functions of three traditionally separate classes of devices- Muzzle Brakes, Tactical Compensators, and Flash Suppressors. The M4SD II Flash Comp achieved a perfect 5 out of 5 in National Tactical Officers Association testing to achieve the rare, coveted, NTOA Gold seal of approval granted to devices which achieve perfect evaluations. Compatible with the M4SD series GATE-LOK suppressor interface the Flash Comp provides a sacrificial baffle to increase the service life of your silencer. It is also pre drilled, and 2.25" length for 14.5" to 16" permanently attached, Non-SBR, M4 carbine builds. For optimal flash reduction we recommend 14.5" or longer barreled host weapons. Extreme durability, low concussion flash and recoil reduction are the wave of the future- the Flash Comp provides an elegant solution to a complex problem. Includes shim set and over-travel stop washer (for mounting to suppressor).

Features :
  • 17-4PH Stainless steel
  • Black nitride finish
  • 1/2X28 thread pitch
  • Shim set included
  • Over-travel stop washer included