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Magpul Industries Corp Daka, Magpul Mag1328-blk Daka Grid Orgnz Plano Aw 2 42"

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Magpuls daka grid organizer is a fully customizable drop-in organizational solution designed to secure and protect your most sensitive equipment when stored or transported in a hard case.Individual expanded polypropylene (epp) end panels and center panels nest securely together to create a storage solution that maximizes protection and increases versatility.Organizational daka blocks are easily pressed into the grid base in your preferred configuration and can be quickly removed and reinstalled to fit almost any item.Magpuls daka grid organizer is a simple, drop-in storage system that allows for endless customization.The epp grid base was designed to fit perfectly in between each pelican case and comes with a set of grid blocks that can be organized to brace and secure rifles, clips, optics, accessories, and other gear.The lightweight epp blocks provide advanced protection and eliminate shifting of gear during transport.The overall result is better impact resistance and stronger protection for your gear than youll get from current foam options.Offering numerous advantages over traditional foam or expensive laser-cut inserts, the daka grid organizer provides intuitive, modular organization at your fingertips.The system can be completely reconfigured withouttools or additional cutting.With quick and easy adjustments of the daka organizational blocks, you can maximize the cases storage capacity and capability each time its used.The grids epp construction provides resistance to chemical intrusion and damage, and clean up of any dirt or liquids is easy with a damp cloth.Simple to configure, the daka grid organizer lets you use every inch of the case to store and securely carry your gear the way you want.

Color: Black
Material: Polypropylene
Padding: Yes