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Rem Rm380 Micro 380acp 2.9
Rem Rm380 Micro 380acp 2.9' 6rd Crim

Rem Rm380 Micro 380acp 2.9" 6rd Crim

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Never before has a handgun so diminutive been built to such high standards for performance and reliability. Every feature of the RM380 has been fine-tuned to deliver unfailing function with unrivaled accuracy and control in the most extreme conditions on earth - the fight of your life. Its simply the most complete fusion of confidence and concealment to ever hit every Day Carry category. Includes two 6-round magazines.

Features :
  • Black finish
  • Crimson Trace laser
  • Fixed sights
  • Ambidextrous magazine release
  • Glass filled nylon grip
  • No manual safety