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Sar B6c Cmp 9mm 3.8
Sar B6c Cmp 9mm 3.8' 13rd Sts

Sar B6c Cmp 9mm 3.8" 13rd Sts

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The B6 series is truly the foundation of the SAR USA line of polymer frame pistols. Long a favorite of security and law enforcement Worldwide, the B6 is a no nonsense rock solid side arm of proven dependability. With an integrated grip spur and three back strap inserts to customize the ergonomic fit for the individuals hand, the B6 is quick pointing and comfortable. So, whether youre looking for a 9mm for home protection or a compact carry gun theres a value priced B6 to fit the bill.

Features :
  • Polymer Frame
  • DA/SA
  • Three Back Strap Inserts