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  7. Sav 42 Takedown 22lr/410ga 20" Blk
Sav 42 Takedown 22lr/410ga 20
Sav 42 Takedown 22lr/410ga 20' Blk

Sav 42 Takedown 22lr/410ga 20" Blk

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Meet your must-have survival, truck, camping and more gun. The 42 Takedown rimfire-shotgun combo breaks down with simple push of one button and includes an Uncle Mikes Go Bag so you can easily transport it anywhere. The break-action combo fires rimfire rounds from the top barrel and .410 bore shotgun shells from the bottom.

Features :
  • Rimfire-Shotgun Combination
  • Durable Synthetic Stock
  • Adjustable Rifle Sights can be Removed to Install a Scope Base