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Sig Slxc 5.56 Qd Compact

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Part Number: SGSLX556C-QD
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Sig Sauers Suppressor line up is intended to meet the demands of the shooter no matter what the environment is and the SLX556C-QD is no exception. This suppressor has a multi-flow path that exhausts gasses at a higher rate, resulting in lower toxic fumes venting from the ejection port. The SLX556C-QD has a Clutch-Lok mounting system with an intuitive tactile locking ring and infinite radial locking positions. Its constructed of a monolithic core for strength and durability as well as flash reducing end cap design. The SLX is a performance based suppressor and was only designed to run supersonic ammunition.

Features :
  • 5.56 NATO
  • High Temperature Black Cerakote
  • Inconel Core
  • Quick Detach Mounting
  • Muzzle Break Included
  • ,Compact Design of only 5.2" in Length,