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Tagua Bh2 Q/draw 1911 5
Tagua Bh2 Q/draw 1911 5' Rh Blk

Tagua Bh2 Q/draw 1911 5" Rh Blk

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Everyone needs a go to gun holster that will allow us to make an easy and quick draw at any moment. The Quick Draw Belt Holster does exactly that. This holster fits multiple barrel lengths, rests very close to the body for good concealment and reliable carry. Perfect for outside the waistband (OWB) carry. It is made from 100% premium quality leather, handcrafted with double stitching and comes in two color variations, black or brown. It rides at a forward angle for larger Autos and straight down for smaller guns ensuring an easy and fast draw.

Features :
  • 100% Real Handcrafted Leather
  • Rides very close to the body ensuring good concealment and reliable carry
  • Fast Gun Draw
  • Optimized For Multiple Barrel Lengths
  • Outside The Waist Carry