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ReconArms Return Policy

By Choosing ReconArms You are Agreeing to ReconArms Terms & Agreements 


  • Please take your time to inspect all firearms thoroughly BEFORE proceeding with the purchase and or transfer. Once a new firearm is transferred to you, it is considered used, even if unfired. Consequently, we cannot accept exchanges or returns on firearms once they have been transferred into your possession.

  •  Also, we DO NOT reimburse FFL transfer fees on returned items. The NICS Background check fee is non-refundable. Firearms sales, which are cancelled for any reason, the customer is still subject to a $25 order-cancellation fee. There will be a 30% restocking fee on all firearms returned because of failed background checks and/or cancelled orders/sales due to any other reason in addition to the $25 NICS order-cancellation fee.  
  • In addition if for any reason the customer fails to complete the transaction and/or fails to complete the return process with a TEN DAY grace period for the refund will be NULL and VOID from the date the cancellation was initiated. 

  • Upon discovering a defect AFTER the transfer, the firearm MUST be returned directly to the manufacturer for replacement or repair (in accordance with manufacturer's warranty policy). By sending a defective firearm directly to the manufacturer, you can avoid the unnecessary transfer fees associated with returning the firearm to us through your local FFL dealer. Manufacturer repaired firearms can be returned directly to the customer without additional FFL transfer or associated fees.

  • Please do NOT attempt to return packages to the address on the package as we will be unable to verify your return and or issue a replacement and or refund.


  • Returns are ONLY accepted for merchandise found defective immediately upon receipt and returned within 10 calendar days of receipt.

  • Accessory items that have been opened from the manufacturer packaging will not be accepted for return. 

  • Returns will NOT be accepted for any accessories that have been installed and or mounted. Most accessory items have a manufacturer warranty. Please contact the manufacturer if there are any issues post installation. 

  • Original shipping charges are NOT refunded. Customers will be responsible for return shipping. These orders are subject to a 30% restocking fee.

  • Returns must have a return RA authorization number provided by ReconArms accompanied with the item being returned or the item will be refused. A return authorization number can be obtained by phone or email. 

  • Scopes and or Optics Sales - Customers must work through the manufacturer if a defect is not identified immediately upon receipt.

Other Returns:

Returns of other merchandise must be accompanied by a receipt, listing the item being returned as well as an RA return authorization number provided by ReconArms. Item and packaging must be returned in the same condition as at time of sale. Customers with valid returns will receive store credit. NO Refunds.

All Ammunition Sales and or Ammunition Components are Final, Therefor We Can NOT Exchange Items and they are

To inquire about a ReconArms RA Return Authorization Number for any products that are potentially valid for exchange and or are returnable please contact us in one of the following ways:

  • ReconArms Contact Us Page on www.ReconArms.com 

  • Phone: 702.UGUNBRO (848.6276)

ReconArms Shipping & Transfer Policy

By Choosing ReconArms You are Agreeing to ReconArms Terms & Agreements 

  • ReconArms will ONLY transfer ownership of a firearm to individuals or agencies in possession of a valid Federal Firearms License (FFL).  

  • ReconArms will transfer your purchased firearm(s) to your choice of a valid Federal Licensed Firearms Dealer in your state. Once processed we cannot change or cancel orders and or the FFL dealer chosen by the customer.  

  • The buyer is responsible for contacting their transferring FFL dealer to request they send a copy of their FFL to us at [email protected]    

  • Firearms refused by the FFL dealer or which cannot be transferred due to a failed background check will be subject to a 30% restocking fee. Please do NOT attempt to return packages to the address on the package as we will be unable to verify your return and or issue a replacement and or refund.

  • ReconArms NFA transfers: Any NFA items transferred to ReconArms will be subject to a minimum $60.00 charge for insurance / security purposes per item, per background check until tax-stamp is received. These terms will be agreed upon prior to the transfer by the customer and ReconArms. All Law Enforcement NFA items are subject to a minimum $40.00 charge for insurance / security purposes per item, per background check until tax-stamp is received. 

  • ReconArms and it's staff reserves the right to change and or modify these policies and pricings due to size / number of items being transferred.

  • Abandoned items: Any items transferred or sold through ReconArms that have been abandoned/forfeited by the customer are considered abandoned after 10 days time. ReconArms reserves the right to charge a $40.00 abandoned item fee per item per each 10 day time cycle as our insurance and legal obligations permit until such items are transferred or sold. 

  • Any unauthorized items left with ReconArms after 30 days for any reason but not limited to, due to denials, unresolved, canceled, not legal to own, or delayed NICS background checks, have been abandoned by the customer, or the customer account has not been brought concurrent in a timely manner will become legal property and subject to resale by ReconArms to recover lost company revenue.

  • Items not claimed within 10 business days are subject to holding fees of $40.00. ReconArms reserves the right to charge a $40.00 abandoned item fee per item per each 10 day time period. Items unclaimed after 30 days will be surrendered to ReconArms and sold. Denied transfer transactions will be charged the full transfer fee and the "buyer" has 30 days to arrange for a refund from the “seller” and pay return shipping and handling. If the “buyer” fails to make return arrangements after 30 days the transferred items are considered abandoned and surrendered to ReconArms and will be sold.

  • ReconArms strives diligently to get you your firearms in a timely manner. Due to large volumes and turnovers we do not have the storage space to hold items for an extended period of time unless agreed upon per the management of ReconArms prior to shipping and/or transferring.

  • Firearms are considered used once they are transferred into your name, even if unfired. Reconarms cannot accept returns. Please contact the manufacturer for warranty claims.        

  • Customers also have the option to pick up their firearm(s) at our store if they are a current Nevada State resident with the proper identification and or documentation. 

  • Customers MUST be at least 18 years of age or older to purchase rifles or shotguns. 

  • Customers MUST be at least 21 years of age or older to purchase handguns, actions or receivers. 

  • By ordering a firearm(s), you certify that you are the actual  transferee/buyer of the firearm(s), are legal age and satisfy all  Federal, State and local legal/regulatory requirements to purchase  a firearm(s). 

  • Please check with your local FFL dealer concerning their transfer fees and policies. ReconArms does not charge a firearm transfer fee for Nevada State residents whom purchase and are picking up their firearm(s) directly from us. 

  • Sales Tax on a firearm(s) is to be collected by your FFL dealer depending on your local State Tax Laws. ReconArms only collects sales tax of 8.375% to Nevada State residents. 

 It is your responsibility to know and understand the Federal, State and Local Laws in your State to ensure that the firearm(s) and or magazine(s) as well as any accessories are legal to own in your State.  


  • Firearms are shipped from a supplier who determines the shipping  method used for firearms. Shipping charges for a firearm(s) are calculated separately from other products on your order and will incur a separate per firearm charge. Shipping charges are calculated at time of checkout. Firearm orders usually process and ship within 3-7 business days upon receipt of full payment and a valid FFL dealer contact.
  • Our minimum $9.99 shipping charge will cover most accessories orders. Whenever possible, we will combine shipping for multiple small accessories on the same order. However, because certain accessories can be drop shipped from various warehouses, the shipping rates may increase. Accessory orders will generally ship within 3-5 business days of receiving full payment.

  • The shipping and handling charge covers the cost of standard shipping. Please note that some items may be subject to additional shipping and handling charges because of size or weight. If you require expedited shipping, the shipping fees will be greater. You must ReconArms for a quote for expedited shipping. Expedited shipping only applies to transit times, not the processing time. ReconArms does NOT ship to PO Boxes.

  • Shipping charges to Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico may be higher than our standard charges.
  • ReconArms does NOT ship outside of the United States. 

 ReconArms is NOT responsible for any items lost or damaged in transit once the item(s) are shipped and leave our possession. Please contact the shipping service to file a claim.

  • If you wish to pick up your firearms(s) and or products/accessories from ReconArms directly please allow up to 7 business days before attempting pickup. When your order is ready for pickup, you will receive an email informing you that your order has arrived and is available.   

  • ReconArms must charge Nevada Sales Tax of 8.375% if you pick up a firearm(s) from us. This amount should be calculated into your order total before you complete your purchase.

  • If you are not a legal resident of Nevada, you cannot pick up a firearm from ReconArms, you must have the firearm(s) transferred to your local FFL dealer in your state.

Thank you for your understanding, if you have any questions please feel free to contact us at any time. 

 ~Your ReconArms Team