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Umx S&w M&p 177bb 4.25
Umx S&w M&p 177bb 4.25' Blk Blowback

Umx S&w M&p 177bb 4.25" Blk Blowback

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The Smith & Wesson M&P 40 has a dedicated following. And now M&P fans have a Blowback BB gun repeater that is perfect for training. The controls on this pistol allow for realistic training. Theres no better way to practice holster work and the basics of accuracy. Like the originals, this M&P comes with replaceable backstraps to match your hand shape & size. The metal slide and slide catch work as expected and the gun has adjustable sights. The drop-out magazine is weighted to simulate the real thing, and a rail under the barrel allows addition of lights, lasers, or other accessories. If you are looking for uncompromising realism in a functional BB gun, this is it.

Features :
  • Blowback action
  • Replaceable backstraps
  • Accessory rail