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Viridian , Vir 982-0033 Pinch 35degree Op Mnt Acro Adapter

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The viridian pinch 35-degree adjustable offset mount with docter/burris/fast fire and vortex venom adapter is an innovative firearm accessory designed to elevate the shooting experience, especially when in a pinch.With three positions for personalized adjustment of the secondary optics distance to the primary, it allows shooters to tailor their setup to individual preferences or accommodate different-sized primary optics while maintaining the coveted 35-degree offset angle.The 35-degree offset angle ensures the fastest and most efficient transitions between primary and secondary optics.Crafted with precision from high-quality machined anodized aluminum, the pinch mount can withstand rigorous use.Multiple mounting plates allow seamless integration with a wide range of optics.The pinch is the ideal choice for shooters seeking versatility, accuracy, speed, and dependability when the situation demands it most.In a pinch, use the pinch.

Length: 2.46"
Material: 6061 Aluminum
Pieces: 1
Mount Type: Picatinny Rail/ACRO Adapter Plate