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Warne Maxima 1
Warne Maxima 1' Ar15 Flat Top U-high

Warne Maxima 1" Ar15 Flat Top U-high

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The MSR Flat Top Rings are precision CNC machined from aircraft grade aluminum for reduced weight. These rings are designed after our X-SKEL Mount and feature a steel cross bolt for superior absorption and positive lock for guaranteed return to zero. The MSR Flat Top Rings are available in a quick detachable wingnut version for fast removal and installation or a 1/2" tactical nut for a more permanent solution. Both of these features allow the use of multiple optics without the loss of zero. These rings are designed to locate the reticle of the optic to be precisely the same height as factory iron sights, the Ideal Height; giving the operator the same positioning behind the weapon regardless of which sight system is being deployed. The MSR Rings are an optimal choice for operators who may require different types of sighting systems depending on the situation.

Features :
  • Skeletonized ring body and caps
  • Places optic at the IDEAL HEIGHT for Modern Sporting Rifle platforms
  • QD wingnut style with no loss of zero