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Zastava M93 50bmg 33
Zastava M93 50bmg 33' Black

Zastava M93 50bmg 33" Black

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The Zastava Arms USA M93 Black Arrow is a long-range military rifle chambered in the .50 BMG round. It is designed on the proven Mauser style action for the best reliability. The rifle comes with a buffer system in the stock and a muzzle brake designed to reduce the overall recoil by 62%. The cold hammer forged barrels are also fluted to provide a quicker cool down during shooting sessions. All M93 rifles come with an adjustable bipod installed on the rifle to make for a stable shooting platform. Foldable iron sights come standard on the rifle, and a built in picatinny rail allows for the addition of the optic of your choice.

Features :
  • Built on the reliable Mauser action
  • "33" Cold hammer forged fluted barrel,
  • Recoil reducing muzzle brake cuts down on felt recoil by 62%
  • Bipods Included
  • Folding Iron Sights
  • Optics Ready
  • (2) 5 Round Magazines Included
  • Weight 36 lbs